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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Visit to the Negev

Last weekend, I went with my husband and his rabbinical school class on a tour of the Negev, Israel's desert southern region. We saw a solar power plant, climbed a mountain, and spent the night on a Kibbutz. All in all, a fabulous trip.

The largest solar-whatsit generator in the world:

A lesson from our guide about Machtesh Ramon, the one of a kind giant crater in the Negev.

While climbing Mount Solomon, some of the guys take a leak into the crater.

Our guides taught us this crazy hiking game involving eating M&Ms off of stacked rocks while holding your foot in one hand and your ear in the other. Israelis are nuts!

Picking Pomellos (a strange hybrid fruit developed in Israel) in the orchard at Kibbutz Yahel.

And yes, cows can be cool.

This one's a baby! Its name, gender, and birthday are written on the little card on its "crib." Awww!

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